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The Story Behind The Logo
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Before Lauren was born with a heart defect, we had never heard of a child living with a congenital heart defect.  When Lauren was a year old, we connected with other families whose children also had heart defects.  From this initial connection, we were bonded as a family with the same fear, same hopes, same dreams.  Lauren and her three friends (Maddy, Max and Zane) would all undergo the same surgery (which was all of their third open heart surgery) within a month of each other. We became a family that forged together by hearts.  We all knew that  one of them might not make it but we hoped and believed together.  Maddy, Max, and Zane are doing wonderful and healthy.  The children have all visited Lauren's grave several times and they know that she is forever their guardian angel.  
This logo for our foundation was designed by Donna Johnson, a dear friend and Mom to Charlie who has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  A very special thanks to her.