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Ruby’s Wings - helping new hearts celebrate life’s moments

Mission statement

Ruby’s Wings is a division of the Lauren Faith Miller Foundation dedicated specifically to heart transplant children and their families. Our mission is to help families and their children celebrate every moment they’ve been given by providing relief and hope in the midst of an unbelievably difficult life situation. We strive to provide opportunities to create fun memories and connect with other transplant families in a safe, “transplant friendly” environment as well as ease some of their daily stress by providing support at home. While we do not yet have the annual support to achieve all of these goals, we hope to in the near future. If you’d like to help see our donate link.

Managing the care of a child with a heart transplant takes time, planning, and attention to detail. As parents of a child with a heart transplant, we never gave up on our daughter. Our deepest desire was to enjoy our children fully and for our children to enjoy each other. Some days were easier than others, and when you add doctor appointments, lab draws, medication refills, dealing with insurance companies, plus managing any other consulting services it was easy for the fun stuff to get put on hold. Just like we didn’t give up on our daughter, these parents don’t give up on their children either. When you’re giving everything you have to someone else, you need people who won’t give up on you. That is our hope for these families, to provide at least some support to help them celebrate life together and to be some of those people who won’t give up on them.

Ruby’s Wings was created in memory of our daughter, Ruby. If Ruby had never lived, Ruby’s Wings wouldn’t exist. But Ruby did live, and our hearts are forever changed. By carrying this vision of celebrating life for other heart transplant recipients and their families, we carry Ruby’s life forward and continue her legacy.

Won’t you help us carry this vision to another family? Donate today!